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[RU] [F1089783] 俄罗斯求购电视机(Television) (06-22)
Hello, I am very interested in curved TV recently. Can I get your price list? I need 50 inch to 85 inch TV.
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[UA] [F1089780] 乌克兰求购电视机(Television) (06-22)
Hi, do you produce 32 inch television? I want to know more. What is you moq? And how much?
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[RO] [F1089059] 罗马尼亚求购电视机(Television) (06-17)
Hello, I want to know more about smart TV information. Please send me your product catalog. I need 32 inch to 65 inch TV.
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[IN] [F1088747] 印度求购电视机(Television) (06-16)
Hello, I need small size TVs. I plan to sell it to hospitals, hotels and other places. My first order is 100 units. I need to test the market first. Please give me the cheapest price, thank you.
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[TR] [F1088735] 土耳其求购电视机(Television) (06-15)
Hi, please give me price for 55 inch LCD television. Thank you!
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[US] [F1088667] 美国求购电视机(Television) (06-15)
Can you provide a smart TV? I need the TV manufacturer to provide the cheapest price. I prefer 55 inches.
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[IN] [F1088444] 印度求购电视机(Television) (06-13)
Dear All, we encourage you all to quote for us your best offers/promotions for all Led TV sizes from 32 inch to 100 inch all types ATV, Smart, & Curve , Average quantities/Each Model is 10k piec...
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[NG] [F1088248] 尼日利亚求购电视机(Television) (06-12)
Good morning! I am an offline retailer and I am doing TV business. I would like to know more about the TV information, size, MOQ, delivery time, payment terms, etc. Please send me a copy of your price...
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[IN] [F1087710] 印度求购电视机(Television) (06-09)
Name: Television Size: 24", 32", 43", 50", 55" Screen ratio: 16:9 Resolution: 1366*768 Response time: 16s Panel: black Qty: 50 pcs Unit price: ??
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[UK] [F1087699] 英国求购电视机(Television) (06-09)
I need to purchase smart LCD TV, please provide product information, quotation, MOQ, payment terms, etc.
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How much is your 43 inch TV?
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[RU] [F1087423] 俄罗斯求购电视机(Television) (06-08)
Name: 80" UHD smart TV Size: 80inch, 85 inch Screen ratio: 16:9 Resolution: 1920*1080 Quantity: 2pcs Unit price: ? Ship to Russia
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Please provide detailed specifications of the 22 inch TV. I need to use the TVs in hotel premises. How much is it?
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Hello, I am American, but I am doing business in Singapore. I want 43 inch - 75 inch TV. Do you have? I want to buy 10 units of each size, what is the price?
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[TR] [F1087199] 土耳其求购电视机(Television) (06-05)
Hello, I am ALPEREN ATAN from Turkey. I want to buy a TV. Are you a manufacturer? Can you provide a 32-inch TV?
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[RU] [F1086760] 俄罗斯求购电视机(Television) (06-03)
Hello, I am a trader from Russia. I am looking for home uesd TV. Do you have 32 inch and 50 inch TVs? I need 500 units of each size. What is the price of CIF?
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[BH] [F1086628] 巴林求购电视机(Television) (06-02)
Hello, I ’m from Bahrain, and I want to know about your curved TV. Can you send me a product catalog? I like large screen TVs, such as 55 inch and 65 inch.
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Hi, my dear friend, Can you offer 50 inch HD smart TV, 1920*1080? I want to buy 1 sample first. What is your price?
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[BR] [F1086601] 巴西求购电视机(TVs) (06-02)
Hello, we are a trading company from Brazil. We want to purchase a batch of household TV sets. Can you give me price for 28 inch TV and 32 inch TV? Thanks.
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