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[US] [F1092588] 美国求购口罩(face mask) (07-15)
I need U.S., 3-ply Medical Grade manufacturer and I need Level 1-4 gowns, Level 3&4 sterile & non sterile
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[ZA] [F1092576] 南非求购口罩(face mask) (07-15)
Ni Hau We are a professional trading company with offices in Taiwan and South Africa. We have a client that is in need of 100 Million surgical masks but not with ear loops, but to tie at the back of...
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[BD] [F1092464] 孟加拉国求购口罩(Masks) (07-14)
hello, I am looking for the following items: 40,000 3M N95 1860 Masks 50,000 KN 95 Masks _ must be FDA Approved 25,000 Tyvek Dupont Coverall (original).
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[IN] [F1092435] 印度求购口罩(face mask) (07-14)
Dear Team, Pray this finds your team safe and in good health. Can you arrange the below order Order - 50 Million Mask to United Kingdom Payment- Wired Transfer Would be grateful to receive the be...
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[PE] [F1092430] 秘鲁求购口罩(face mask) (07-14)
I would like to know more about your 3M N95 1860. My expected order quantity is 1000 Units
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[US] [F1092429] 美国求购口罩(face mask) (07-14)
We are interested in N95, FFP2 or FFP3 respirator masks. Some of your products are attractive. However, we represent a client who needs 300000 masks. Our client insists on payment using escrow facil...
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[JP] [F1092428] 日本求购口罩(face mask) (07-14)
Hello, please send me your complete product catalog of mmm N95 1860, N95 1860,surgical mask, Face mask along with prices.
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[PH] [F1092427] 菲律宾求购口罩(face mask) (07-14)
We are interested in your 3m n95 1860, Preferably made in USA. CIF Philippines.
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[AU] [F1092425] 澳大利亚求购口罩(face mask) (07-14)
Our company is looking to buy your products. We are also keen in knowing more about your company QC process. Thanks.
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Dear supplier, we are a Brazilian company established since 1999. This time we are looking the items below with high quality and competitive prices, because in Brazil the coronavirus crisis is endin...
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[IN] [F1092384] 印度求购口罩(mask) (07-13)
Valid for 9 adults + 9 child below 10 yrs only.
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[US] [F1092318] 美国求购口罩(Surgical Face Mask) (07-13)
Hello My name is Jorge Gonzalez, co. name is JBmedLLCI hope you and your love one are all wellInterested in your Surgical Face Mask 3 Ply 17.5cm*9.5cm Ear Loop BlueWe intend to purchase this product, ...
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[IN] [F1092219] 印度求购口罩(Face mask) (07-10)
We would like to buy some units of your 3M N95 8210 Face Mask, Surgical, Medical, Disposable with customized dimensions. Please let us know if this is possible, and the cost involved. Sent from my ...
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[US] [F1092213] 美国求购口罩(Face mask) (07-10)
Can you send me more information about your Face Mask?
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[MC] [F1092211] 摩纳哥求购口罩(Face mask) (07-10)
I am interested in your mask ,chirurgicalmask face mask. Could you please send me your price list and a sample? I would also need to know the payment method preferred by you. That comply with european...
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[BD] [F1092210] 孟加拉国求购口罩(Face mask) (07-10)
We want to buy your KN95 mask. Please send us more information. Thanks! Sent me in email
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[US] [F1092202] 美国求购口罩(3ply mask) (07-10)
Looking for level 3 3ply in LOSANGELES 20 million PCs Did I mention has to Be In LOSANGELES
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[FR] [F1092201] 法国求购口罩(Face mask) (07-10)
Hi, This is Gajendrakumar SHARMA, I am based in France. I’m interested in your product Disposable 3 Ply Surgical Non-woven Dental Medical Face Mask, I would like some more details. Can you plea...
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[UK] [F1092156] 英国求购口罩(face mask) (07-10)
Greetings Am Ryan from Rex Tradings based in United Kingdom, Rex Tradings is a leading trading name all round Europe. We are interested in establishing a long term business relationship ...
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[SA] [F1092153] 沙特阿拉伯求购口罩(face mask) (07-10)
Please send us a quotation for your 3m N95 1860, CIF King Khalid International Airport Riyadh Saudi Arabia AIRFREIGHT Q/5200000 PCS Please send us a quotation for your 3m N95 1860s, CIF King Kha...
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