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[PL] [F1087645] 波兰求购灯泡(bulb) (06-09)
"We are a Polish company, I am looking for 12,000 such a bulb. I need to have a CE certificate, and indyvidual print on the packaging, user manual. And a cardboard box as in the annex, without p...
[US] [F1087054] 美国求购灯泡(bulb) (06-04)
Hello, I am currently researching the price and availability of this item. 1 . Is this bulb approved under U.SA epa restrictions ? 2. What kind of packaging does it come with standard? 3. Do you...
[IN] [F1064801] 印度求购灯泡(LED bulb) (12-03)
I am already a led distributor of govt supply I am interested for 5,7,9,12 watt bulb please give me price lis
Hi, I'm looking for Factory Direct 240V 220V Voltage 40W 60W G80 Antique Edison Bulb. Round approximate 3.15 diameter.
[IN] [F1061889] 印度求购灯泡(E27 A60 9W LED Bulb) (11-15)
Hi, We are looking to buy LED Bulb 12 Watts (B22 Plug) . Our order will be minimum 100 peice initially, later we will be increasing depending on the requirement. Please quote the best price with shi...
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Hello , My name is Peg Schmidt and I own a brand of flameless candles that I sell on Amazon, ebay and on my I currently source my products from China and am now looking to move my production out of ...
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[PH] [F1046207] 菲律宾求购灯泡(lighting bulbs) (08-16)
I would like to know the price for 9 watt Warm white cool white 3000-6000K emergency lighting LED bulbs and LED lamps battery powered. I am interested in buying 200 Pieces.
[PA] [F1038439] 巴拿马求购灯泡(Latin) (07-04)
i need a trial order in this moment. will need more once confirm the quality
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I need to buy some calamitous Bulbs. Can u let me know if you have some or when can i get them.
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[US] [F1036944] 美国求购灯泡(house bulbs) (06-24)
Dear sir/madam, This is Joshua. I am interested to do business with your company,so kindly send me your company introduction and products range through my company email address so that i can pla...
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Hello, Good day! Will you send more information about your outdoor christmas ball lighting bulb? Awaiting for your soon reply. Best regards, Meier
[NL] [F1023785] 荷兰求购灯泡(LED Lighting Bulb) (03-22)
We are trading company and have intrest in 800pcs carbochon lamp 60mm 3w led ip67 color white can you give price for this please reply at
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[PK] [F1012850] 巴基斯坦求购灯泡(LED BULBS) (12-17)
We are General Traders company in Pakistan working in different parts of the world for our clients. Please quote us for below-LED Bulbs. Quick response will be highly appreciated. 5W 7W 11W 15W ...
Dear, 24 volt,40,60 Wats,Hight 10cm,Width 5.5 cm, transparent,Holder size - 2.5 cm warm Regards
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[IN] [F1011307] 印度求购灯泡(led bulb 5w) (11-30)
Dear Sir, We are keen to buy LED BULBS from your factory for Middle East Market and we want to export the same in our own OEM brand name SONASHI. LED Range:5W,8W,11W,15W,18W (Base E27 & B22) You ca...
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采购数量: 1 Carton/Cartons| 发布地点:Turkey ht16 - taban- beyaz pt20 parlak beyaz pt21 Snow White hc14 standart beyaz ht20 15000K ht18 4500K ht12 3500K ht17 2700k ht11 2400k ht48 scak sar ht44 tur...
[KZ] [F1004820] 哈萨克斯坦求购灯泡(bulb) (08-31)
Hi, I am interested on this C5W bulb, do you have 4000k? How much do you sell? Do you ship to Singapore? Thank you Ryan
[KZ] [F1004815] 哈萨克斯坦求购灯泡(incl bulbs) (08-31)
Dear Sir/Madam, We would like to order some items as follows: 1. DS7-2M (incl bulbs): 300 pcs. 2. WB-2 (incl bulbs) : 50 pcs. 3. WB-2B (incl bulbs) : 50 pcs. 4. TG9 (24V-200W, incl bulbs): 100 pc...
[IR] [F1002826] 伊朗求购C5W bulb(灯泡) (08-14)
Hi, I am interested on this C5W bulb, do you have 4000k? How much do you sell? Do you ship to Singapore? Thank you Ryan
采购数量: 10 Pieces| 采购人: I'm looking for products with the following specifications: Die casting housing , T80 20W ,T100 30W ,T120 40W ,T140 50W ,70W ,T160 100W , Real power is no less than 85% as r...
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