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[IN] [F1090197] 印度求购活性炭(activated carbon) (06-25)
Hi, Apakah anda produesn lokal di Indonesia utk active carbon? Ada yg bentuk bubuk powder, mesh 200? Bisa hubungi kami di
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Dear export manager we will buy activated carbon cocnut base and coal base Please send me your best prices immediately Yours sincerly
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[IN] [F1081877] 印度求购活性炭(Activated Carbon) (05-01)
Dear Sir, We are looking for supplier who is able to provide us Coconut Shell Charcoal and Activated Carbon for monthly with big volume We need the Coconut Shell Charcoal to be in "Drum Co...
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Hi, We are in need to make face masks to prevent our factory workers from Dust and Diesel Smoke pollutants. We need activated carbon type fabric material/media ( like ACF-Activated Carbon Filter or DA...
Activate carbon, charcoal, charcoal sales, charcoal for bbq, activated charcoal for sale, charcoal briquettes, activated charcoal, best charcoal bbq grills, lab grade activated charcoal, bulk charcoal...
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Dear Sirs and Madams, we are interested in your active carbon filters. Especially in your pleated carbon filter. Here we have some questions: 1. What is the maximum carbon content per m you could pr...
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Dear Mr. Maliq Ramdhan, We are interested with some of your products for UAE market.
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Hi, This is Rowji from Yamayo Technology Pte. Ltd. Singapore. Can you send us a quotation for Fridge Odor Absorber? Please include Pictures, MOQ, price in USD, product info, packaging and other deta...
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Dear Sir, This is Crystal from a clothing factory. I'm looking for Coal granular activated carbon with the following specifications: Size:4-8mesh Iodine value:800 Please contact my email after re...
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Dear Supplier, My name is Patino, our company in Hong Kong has a mandate from Latin America clients to immediately purchase activated carbon with the following specifications: Shape: Cubic Surface...
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(Silicon Super Spreader Agriculture Adjuvant) Would you please provide me Product safety information required for safe use (MSDS) and RECOMMENDED DOSAGES. And literature fur product the price of 1000...
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I am Engineer Rafiqul Islam From Bangladesh we have edible oil industry in Bangladesh Rice bran oil and soybean oil industry Every day we need 2000kg V2 Active Carbon-400Kg still now we have been u...
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[HK] [F1029691] 香港求购活性炭(Activated Carbon) (04-30)
Powder Type Wooden Based Activated Carbon.
Dear Sir/Madam, This is Jagadeswar ReddyMandlipalli from BAH. I'm looking for products with the following specifications: We have a requirement for Activated carbon with mesh 8 x 30 ---------------...
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[DK] [F1015836] 丹麦求购活性炭(Activated Carbon) (01-14)
Dear Mr, I am a researcher at Innocell developing a new type of supercapacitor for use in the automotive industry. In our products, we are going to use electrodes based on activated carbons. We are th...
Dear Sir/Madam, This is from BG. I'm looking for products with the following specifications: I am living in an area where neighboring houses are burning wood, coal, diesel, plastics, tires and ot...
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Hi, I need 1000 pcs of activated binchotan charcoal for water purification sticks size 15 cm long and 3 cm maximum diameter (as unit packaging request). I will start order with 1000 pcs and order mo...
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Dear Sir/Madam, This is Peter Scchaufl from Macrocaps Aps. I'm looking for activated carbon powder with the following specifications:min 2000m2/gr surfacearea Thanks in Advance for your quick Answe...
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Im interested in activated carbon

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