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[IN] [1102072] 印度求购润滑剂(chemicals) (09-25)
Hi, Can u send your contact details. I am Ashwin Ganatra from Altrol premium Lubricants. Mumbai 400 022
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相关买家: 润滑剂;
Dear Sir/Madam, good day. My name is Olesia Saisanova. I am a purchasing manager in Krezol. Krezol, a manufacturing company based in Ufa (Russia). We are also one of the largest suppliers of chem...
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相关买家: 乙二胺四乙酸; Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid;
Hello Can you please send us the MSDS sheet for the Trichloroisocyanuric acid,granules , 50 ltr can.The items i will get it from your distributor in Oman.
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相关买家: 三氯异氰尿酸; Trichloroisocyanuric acid;
Dear Concern, Greetings from Walton Group, the giant electronics manufacturing company in Bangladesh. We need below item for making eletric wiring pipe. Please see the *** photo. Item Description:...
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相关买家: hdpe树脂; hdpe resin;
[GH] [1102038] 加纳求购UBC(UBC) (09-25)
Hi, I’m interested in your product. I would like some more details.Please send to my email. I look forward to your reply.
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相关买家: UBC;
[VN] [1102037] 越南求购EPS(EPS) (09-25)
Xin chào, tôi quan tam đến sản phẩm của bạn EPS lạnh khối/EPS khối phế liệu, hàng hóa Tại Chỗ, tôi muốn nh...
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相关买家: EPS;
[UA] [1102019] 乌克兰求购PVC(PVC/PE film) (09-25)
Hello! My name is Kseniia. I am representing 揢MANHIMTRADE Ukraine?LLC. The company is specializing in the supply of chemical raw materials for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and veterinary manufacturing ...
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相关买家: PVC film;
Dear Sir ? We are local company in Syria with a major expertise in IVD products,?beauty products ,Vet?爐hat looking for suppliers . we want to import this items from your company to compete with ...
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相关买家: 肉毒杆菌毒素; CNBTXA; Botulinum Toxin;
Hi, I’m interested in your product HDPE Milk Bottle Scrap/Milk Bottle Flkes, I would like some more details. I look forward for your reply.
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相关买家: HDPE片; HDPE flakes;
[BD] [1101948] [有图]孟加拉国求购吸氧剂(Oxygen Absorbers) (09-25)
Hi, Im interested in your product Chunwang O2 Zero Oxygen Absorbers For Food Storage, I would like some more details. I look forward for your reply. Regards,
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相关买家: 吸氧剂; Oxygen Absorbers;
Dear Mr Frank, we need CALCIUM CHLORIDE 5000KG Quantity Required : 5000 Approximate Order Value(INR) : From 50001 To 100000 Want to Buy : Immediate Requirement Type : Regular Requirement Requirement F...
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相关买家: 氯化钙; calcium chloride;
Delivery Place : Hyderabad So kindly send your quotations along with all relevant details and contact buyer with your best offer as soon as possible I want to buy Sodium bicarbonate. Please contact...
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相关买家: 小苏打; Sodium Bicarbonate;
[HU] [1101918] 匈牙利求购EPS(EPS block scrap) (09-24)
Hi, I’m interested in your product High quality EPS block scrap,white and clean, I would like some more details: What is the best price you can offer? I look forward to your reply.
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相关买家: EPS;
Quantity: 1kg Purity: 99% Inquiry about 103-63-9 1-bromo-2-phenylethane you are selling.
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相关买家: 溴乙基苯;
please quote 1 FCL, CIF Port Klang, Malaysia Please atach product spec & msds
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相关买家: 甲基铝氧烷; MethlyAluminoxane;
Perhaps I should start again from the beginning. My name is Don Ciancio and I am a retired chemical industry executive that is working as an advisor to DCL, a global pigment company. DCL is looking ...
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相关买家: 颜料; Dominion Colour Lansco;
Dear Sirs/Madams, please give estimate cost made of PPO or CVPC estimate for 1200-2000 PCs size 45mm*dia20mm, if you offer good pricing I will send the samples. Best wishes. send to my company email. ...
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相关买家: plastic products;
I would like to know if the product "RbCl in powder" is available at your company. If yes, please, let me know which is the price, how I can order it, how I can pay and if there are problems with the...
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相关买家: 氯化铷; Rubidium chloride;
Dear Sir, We are writing to inquire about the availability of Spent Catalyst. We appreciate if you can send us samples so we can test before taking a decision. Our procurement process is to tes...
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相关买家: 废催化剂; Spent Catalyst;
I would send you order.Please send me e-mail Dear sir I hope every things go well. This is We have been started our activity 9 years ago and in these years we have developed our products, sales, ac...
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相关买家: 可溶性柠檬酸钠; soluble sodium citrate;
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