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Hello, I am interested to make an order of kang ren tang granules. Thanks Matthieu Decalf
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相关买家: 中草药;
[MD] [1101335] 摩尔多瓦求购口罩(mask) (09-21)
Hello.We are McDonald's Moldova. We want to buy protective masks. You can help us with information. What would be the prices for at least 1000 pcs.
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相关买家: 口罩; mask;
[US] [1101312] 美国求购化妆品(Cosmetics) (09-19)
Dear Sir, We are looking for Herbs, Alkaline Foods, Cosmetics. Please share your product list & price list. Thanks.
相关买家: 化妆品; Cosmetics;
Baby Skin Care And Pregnancy Products Containing Pure Natural GIGA Skin Naturals.
相关买家: 婴儿护肤品; Baby Skin Care;
[SG] [1101306] 新加坡求购护肤品(Skin Care) (09-19)
Require Private Label Skin Care Singapore Accord Supplies.
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相关买家: 护肤品; Skin Care;
[IN] [1101301] 印度求购洗面奶(Face Wash) (09-19)
I Buy Hemp Seed Face Wash For Skin Acne Problem.
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相关买家: 洗面奶; Face Wash;
all kinds of medical Gloves and Mask is available even 3M.
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相关买家: 外科手套; Surgical Gloves;
[IN] [1101299] 印度求购缓解剂(Reliever) (09-19)
Bring Home An Effective Muscle Pain Reliever.
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相关买家: 缓解剂; Reliever;
[US] [1101298] 美国求购口罩(face mask) (09-19)
Good Day!! I am erik from USA . We are interested with your products. we want to make an order immediately Please send your company catalogs and your best price to we can prepare our order...
the buyer have joined [Quick-Sample]
相关买家: 口罩; face mask;
[IN] [1101297] 印度求购口罩(face mask) (09-19)
We are looking for Face Mask type II and IIR. Shipment only by road within EU or from Turkey. FCA, LC released upon.
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相关买家: 口罩; face mask;
[KZ] [1101244] 哈萨克斯坦求购口罩(Mask) (09-18)
I am keen on sourcing your face mask. Is it possible to get samples? And what would be the price? Thanks.
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相关买家: 口罩; Mask;
I am interested in your products and have an enquiry for doctor blades. kindly share your en=mail ID so that i may forward the size details. looking forward for your reply to mail ID
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相关买家: 医生刀片; doctor blades;
[ES] [1101208] 西班牙求购口罩(face mask) (09-18)
I am reselling a BEAUTY PRODUCTS & COSMETICS SHOPS EMAIL LIST that I bought off another site. Are you guys interested? It is good if you sell wholesale. Helped us a lot. Cheers
相关买家: 口罩; face mask;
[AU] [1101207] 澳大利亚求购口罩(face mask) (09-18)
I would like to request a price quotation for TET Facemask 3 Ply. Thanks
相关买家: 口罩; face mask;
[IN] [1101206] 印度求购口罩(face mask) (09-18)
Kindly send your best F.O.B price for your Cone Shape Dust Mask Needed 94*Cartoons Send best F.O.B price Shainghai. Awaiting on it and thank you.
相关买家: 口罩; face mask;
[TH] [1101205] 泰国求购口罩(face mask) (09-18)
We are Medical Mask manufacturer in Thailand. We would like to have your parameter and quotation for earloop folding machine I saw in U-tube. Please reply .
相关买家: 口罩; face mask;
Hi, My name is Kenneth Figueras and Im a Product Research Specialist of Prodigy Media Inc. I have been looking over yourand we are interested in your product specifically with Tattoo Practice Skin. W...
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相关买家: 纹身练习皮肤; Double side practice skin;
[PL] [1101192] 波兰求购面膜(Skin Mask) (09-18)
Hello, I`m the owner of the Crystal Lashes Brand which is well known all over the world. Our main products are Extension lashes and accessories. Right now we creating new brand with other products ...
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相关买家: 面膜; Skin Mask;
Hello, My name is Marton and I work for Bell Valley in Brazil. Bell Valley is a distributor working in different fields, such as: shoes materials, fabrics for sofa/clothes, advertisement materials, c...
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相关买家: 个人防护装备; individual protection equipment;
Hi,i am looking for disposable mask,an you send me declartion of conformity from manufacturer, the CE certificate and confirmation of testing for compliance with EU for disposable medical and non-medi...
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相关买家: 一次性口罩; disposable mask;
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