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This is Ankit TRB-Exports, India. We are looking for complete line of Injection Moulding machine from China to manufacture plastic chairs of 4.5 kgs and 2.5 kgs. Please provide your techno-commercial ...
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相关买家: 注塑机; Innjection Moulding Machine;
Our cutting demand is 3mm and 2mm stainless steel. The marking sample you *** is okay but I need a modest machine.  Thanks
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相关买家: 激光切割机; laser cutting machine;
Hi This is Salah from Qatar I’m looking for HDD machine backreameing up to 40” and length 150m Please send Machine details and price
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相关买家: 水平定向钻; Horizontal Directional Drill;
Thanks for the details. I really want you to understand what I want. Am not the buyer of the product. I have a client of which am their agent. The name of my client is African Millennium Developmen...
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相关买家: 激光焊接机; laser welding machine;
Looking to buy a fried snack production line, please send me video and pricing information. Please send it to my email .
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相关买家: 油炸小吃生产线; Fried snack production line;
I am Mrs.Nurgul From Dangote industry Group Nanjing office ,  as contacted with you on ali  just now  ,we are going to purchase pneumatic marker y and the details are *** . Kindly...
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相关买家: 激光打标机; laser marking machine;
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相关买家: 激光切割机; laser cutting machine;
[PE] [1101221] 秘鲁求购三角带(rubber belt) (09-18)
Estoy interesado en su producto, por favor envíeme más detalles. Esperamos su respuesta rápida.
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相关买家: 三角带; rubber belt;
Hi, can you tell me more about this product? Such as price, specifications, after-sale services and so on. Looking forward to your quick reply. Best Regards
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相关买家: 输送带; steel conveyor belt;
Hello, we are a company that sells material for pipe rehabilitations: Stopper - Packer - Liner - Resin and various products we would be interested in your DN 7.2. (Brass air tools connectors, air a...
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相关买家: 连接器; air tools connectors; air accessories;
Good Day Sir/Madam, We are interested in your product field.Kindly send us your company catalog urgently also what is the Expected time of Delivery? (1) Kindly send FOB prices (2) Inform Expected t...
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相关买家: 螺线管; Fenghua City Senya Solenoid;
I would like to purchase your products. Please contact me we need industrial cashew nut humidifier machine for 300kg/hr we import machinery from china and sell in Nigeria we are agent to the followin...
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相关买家: 加湿机; humidifier machine;
hello we are interested in Supercritical CO2 Extraction Machine for Extraction of Oleoresin of Black pepper if you are available to manufacture and supply then contact us on
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相关买家: 超临界二氧化碳萃取机; supercritical CO2 Extraction Machine;
Looking to buy empanadas making machines, not small dumpling machine. Please send me information to my or add me to your will not respond on This platform thanks I need to make this size empanas
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相关买家: 肉馅卷饼制作机; empanadas making machines;
HELLO MR Omar ADJENEK manager somagralfood algeria has the honor to write you these lines for a commercial relationship with your company. Please, I am the bearer of a project for the production of ...
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相关买家: 番茄酱; Tomato sauce;
My name is Paul Robie with Ennis Products. I have purchased from *** Auto Parts in the past and would like to place a new order. Please contact me at
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相关买家: 起动机齿轮; Starter Drive Gears;
Hi, we are in need of 200 hook sets for Single Needle Zigzag machine (Drop feed): model Long XF 2603 Please quote your prices. Regards Nadeem Akram
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相关买家: 曲折机; Zigzag machine;
[BD] [1101143] 孟加拉国求购机器(machine) (09-18)
Please send me a catalogue & prices. I am from Bangladesh and want to buy 2 sets of Machine. Please contact for further details. Thank you
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Dear Sir/Madame, good day! My name is Svetlana. I represent Russian discounter chain SVETOFOR. There are 1600 shops are operated in Russian Federation. Nowadays we are looking for new supplier of va...
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相关买家: 机械产品; mechanical products;
we are an Argentinian small bussiness high quality retailer. look at . I want to test 1pcs. Please quote me 1ea sample plus shipping to Argentina. zip code 1604 thanks
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相关买家: 水能发电机; kangen water generator;
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