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[US] [1092333] 美国求购活页夹(book binder) (07-13)
I am looking for a book binder for a children's book. 12-15 pages, printed color both sides. Printing must go right to the edge of the page, no boarder. About 30x25cm, but this can vary if there ar...
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相关买家: 活页夹; book binder;
[US] [1092282] 美国求购铅笔(pencil) (07-13)
Hi We deal with Disposable electrosurgical pencil with hand control What is the price if I order in bulk? Send me your price list for checking. Regards
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相关买家: 铅笔; pencil;
[US] [1092280] 美国求购钢笔(pen) (07-13)
I met you at the Hong Kong fair in October and selected some pens from your booth do you remember? Do you need me to send pictures of the items I selected?
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相关买家: 钢笔; pen;
[ES] [1092279] 西班牙求购铅笔(Pencil) (07-13)
I am glad information Non-Sharpening Pencil We need to sell this in our local market. Could you send me your price and specification first? Regards
相关买家: 铅笔; Pencil;
[US] [1092278] 美国求购铅笔(pencil) (07-13)
Hello, I am a boutique owner, currently creating my own cosmetic line. I am inquiring about the pricing and quantity. In addition, I wanted to know if the pencils can be personalized. Please contact...
相关买家: 铅笔; pencil;
[UK] [1092277] 英国求购铅笔(Pencil) (07-13)
We have interest in the production of pencils and toothpick.please send quotes for high capacity machinery What is the CIF price on your toothpick-holder Pencil?
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相关买家: 铅笔; Pencil;
[IN] [1092276] 印度求购铅笔(pencil) (07-13)
I am looking for Non-Sharpening Pencil , can you help me with my need. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks
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相关买家: 铅笔; pencil;
INquiry about Chemical Metering Diaphragm Dosing Pump, Metering pump for chemical
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相关买家: 计量泵; Metering pump;
[ES] [1091959] 西班牙求购打印机(printer) (07-09)
Hello! Interested in marking machine for stainless bars and tubes and sheets.
相关买家: 打印机; printer;
[US] [1091958] 美国求购打印机(printer) (07-09)
Hello. My name is Lee Beomho. I'm a Korean working in Vietnam and I'm interested in your laser machine. 1.Model: PL-50*A 2. Order: 5SET 3. Options: a) Average output power: 30w b) Mar...
相关买家: 打印机; printer;
Hi We are a trading company in Singapore and would like you to provide the following. 1. Photo, Specification and EXW cost for 2000 units . -In your quote, kindly include the price for Product pack...
相关买家: 装订机; bookbinding machine;
Quantity:1000 Pieces I am interested in bookbinding machines, could you answer a few questions. Does the product have a UPC code? What is lead time for production, when can I expect the items to sh...
相关买家: 装订机; bookbinding machine;
[US] [1091578] [有图]美国求购粘合剂及密封剂(Glue, Seale) (07-06)
All-In-One Glue, Sealer and finish Easy clean up with soap and water while wet Flexible and Versatile Water based-Non-Toxic
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相关买家: 粘合剂; 密封剂;
[US] [1091576] [有图]美国求购记号笔(Paint Marker Pen) (07-06)
It is a water-based pigment ink that is non-toxic, lightfast, and waterproof. Set includes: red, orange, yellow, pale green, green, light blue, blue, purple, pink, brown, white, and black. Unlike al...
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相关买家: 记号笔; Paint Marker Pen;
[BR] [1091563] 巴西求购游戏椅(office chair) (07-06)
Now i have customer inquire about gaming chair in different models. Please can you send your models price list with picture and spec.detail. Is for Brazilian market, need a competitive price.
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相关买家: 游戏椅; office chair;
[IN] [1091474] 印度求购体重秤(weighing scale) (07-05)
Hi Team, This is to enquire in detail about the device manufacturing specification of "HYD-I1001F" . We would like to communicate with the team via call or mail so that you can help us gain more c...
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相关买家: 体重秤; weighing scale;
We are looking to buy 2 Million Pcs of Amenity kits (Customized) as per our requirement, Kindly get back to us on v cht or
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dear sir, we interested to import insulation paper 0.10mm to 50mm and press board 1mm to 30 mm ,how much? Kindly send us detail with price and specification.
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相关买家: 绝缘纸; insulation paper;
Hi,I am posting, rearranging your offer, Non-selective surface, open on both sides, vacuum glass tube, Do you have production? If so, can you produce it in the way that it provides technical informati...
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相关买家: 真空玻璃管; Vacuum glass tube;
Hi, I’m interested in your monitor arm, the details I need: Color: Dark Grey, Size: L, Quantity: 200pcs Unit price I look forward to your reply.
相关买家: 显示屏支架; monitor arm;
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